July 23, 2017 Peter Bates

According to the Sunday Times, Britain could soon be relying on battery power under plans to create a network of electrical storage facilities around the national grid.

Greg Clark, the business secretary, is expected to announce plans this week for giant rechargeable battery facilities to be installed near wind and solar farms to store the energy generated when demand is low. It can then be released when demand rises.

Households will also be encouraged to switch to battery power — for example, installing batteries alongside solar panels.

Source: Sunday Times 23 July 2017

June 20, 2017 Peter Bates

The Times last Saturday 17 June 2017 – has reported that the re-launch of the Green Deal that Oakrun Partners are actively involved in. The article in The Times said “The government’s energy efficiency scheme, put on hold, is returning as a private enterprise”.

The Green Deal returns next week, after a two-year hiatus, with new ways for consumers to finance energy efficiency at home and for investors to earn a return.

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